Join Us!

Most people become a member because of their desire to help those in need. Our Association provides many opportunities to spread your time and resources to help various causes, charities and organizations. You may also learn valuable life lessons as well as leadership skills.

Being a Kinette is not only a volunteer opportunity, but also an opportunity to learn and grow, to nurture friendships and make new ones. To network with our community and business leaders and to win prestigious national awards for personal and club accomplishments. We endeavor to make a difference in our community and our country. Join us now!

What Kin Can Do For You

Becoming a Kinette is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other women. In addition you will enjoy personal growth and will develop valuable business contacts. There is no feeling in the world like that of giving to others.

Kin is a valuable vehicle for personal development to anyone who is interested in it. We participate in public speaking contests and learn valuable skills by chairing fundraising and manpower projects. If members choose, they may hold office on a local, zone, district or national level. The opportunities are endless and are there for the taking!

Kin can add many things to you and your family’s lives. One of the greatest things that this organization will teach you is that you need to take care of yourself and your family, then your work, and then finally Kin, or other volunteer work, in that order. As a member you are required to attend at least 50% of the meetings in each half of a year. In the event you miss a meeting, there are several ways to make up your attendace. Clubs have special provisions in their by-laws and house rules regarding allowances for work, special circumstances, and transfers.

Classes of Membership; The Family of Kin

Active Member

Must be age 19 or older, of good character and community standing and must reside or practice their vocation or profession within the territory limits of their club. Should not be a member of another service organization.

Honorary Member

Elected for a period of one year in recognition of some distinguished task performed for the community or club. Any person can be elected to this category and may be re-elected from year to year. This person does not pay dues, but is entitled to all the privileges of any active member except holding office and voting.

Life Member

The Life Membership category recognizes outstanding contributions to Kin. A potential Life Member has to meet certain criteria, including the length of time served in Kin. To qualify for the honour the club proposing the honour must apply to the national headquarters to obtain permission to confer the honour. Life Members are greatly respected for their dedication and knowledge.

K-40 / K-ETTE

Is there life after you’ve done it all? You bet! Many clubs have a K-ette or K-40 Club, which is an auxiliary club composed of club alumni who would generally have reached the age of 40 when the association still maintained an upper age limit for active members. Those members may meet once a month and / or attend the clubs’ general meetings. Their expertise in the field is often called upon for either advice or as helping hands at functions. With the removal of the upper age limit there is a possibility of less activity in these clubs.

What to expect at a meeting

Meeting Date

General (2nd Monday of the month), Executive (4th Monday of the month)

General Meetings

The Kinette Club of Medicine Hat meets on the second Monday of each month. Cocktails and fellowship begin at 5:30pm with dinner following at 6:00pm and the meeting starting at 6:30pm.

The president will call the meeting to order at 6:30pm. The meeting follows a prepared agenda. There are reports from the executive members and committees. Items may be tabled or discussed and motions are made and voted on. There is meeting protocol that must be adhered to at each meeting.

A Sergeant at Arms is busy taking note of members who commit infractions during the meeting. Offences could include protocol infractions such as improper address to the Chair, or impolite actions such as chewing gum or allowing your cell phone to ring. Fines of 25 cents are a fun learning tool if you are declared guilty of an offence as determined by the Sergeant at Arms. These fines are payable at the end of the meeting and added to a fund.

The cost of the dinner is not included in your dues and must be paid at each meeting. The cost of dinner is usually about $10. A guests meal is free for the first meeting. If you will not be having the meal or you will not be at the meeting, you must notify the Meals Director by the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Once all the business has been conducted the Sergeant at Arms will be revealed and all fines must be paid.

The Executive

The executive is elected to a one year term. The Kin year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Meetings are not held in July or August. Elections take place in May and June each year. Any active member is eligible for office.