Our Traditions

The Kin Song: The Kin song starts the meeting off on a positive note and reminds us all of our purpose and the work we do together in the family of Kin. The president will choose a Kinette to lead the song at the meeting.

Kin Song

Here we are together once again,

One and all a happy bunch of KIN,

Leave your cares and troubles for awhile,

Let your face break forth in smile.

Turn around, grab someone by the hand,

They’re your friends, the finest in the land,

Now all set, let’s shout to beat the band,


Grace: The Kin grace is said before each general meeting meal. The president will choose a Kinette to lead the grace at the meeting.

Kin Grace

   Happy to meet. Sorry to part

Happy to meet again

May the Lord make us true Kin

In our thoughts and deeds,

And make us truly grateful

For the food we receive. AMEN

Our National Crest: The Kin Crest is composed of a Cross & Square intertwined. The cross is St. Andrew’s Cross, which has been the symbol of service through personal sacrifice for centuries, and is the underlying principle of the Kin Association. The square has been the symbol of virtue and justice for even longer. The 13 maple leaves and the name scrolls are emblematic of the ten Canadian provinces and three territories, denoting the national scope of the organization.

Our Internal Motto: Grow. Learn. Make Friends. Have Fun.

Sunshine/Rainy Days: This Kinette ensures that our club celebrates special occasions and extends condolences and support during times of loss. Members report any knowledge of sickness, injury, death or birth to this Kinette. To become the Kinette for Sunshine/Rainy Days simply sign up at the first election meeting in May/June. This position is not necessarily run every year.

Sergeant At Arms: This Kinette is chosen by the president at each meeting. They will then quietly and discreetly make a list of any Kinettes, during the course of the meeting who commit any infractions. These infractions could include: not wearing your name tag, being on your phone, etc. A fine of $.25 per infraction is then collected, from all guilty parties at the end of the meeting when the Sergeant At Arms report is read. These fines collected are then donated towards any project, cause or function that the group decides upon. This position is not necessarily run every year.